Matrix products will help men and women regain their motivation and confidence where it matters most. In the bedroom!

The secret is our liquid topical delivery system that is applied directly to your private parts for extreme arousal within 5-10 minutes instead of waiting for 45-60 minutes for pills to break down in your stomach.

Matrix is in the business of taking generic or name brand FDA over-the-counter medications and converting them into topical form for better dosing, faster results, and improved consumer experience, while eliminating up to 90% of the side effects. The secret is in a Patent-pending Transdermal Delivery system that allows our liquid topicals to cross the skin 10,000 times faster than water passes through the skin.

In addition to the fast-acting effects of our products , you don’t have to risk your safety for some good clean fun.

Our innovation will change the future of not only lifestyle products but also prescription and over-the-counter medication.


I’m 58 years old and when I used Matador for the first time, I had an erection in
less than 5 minutes. My wife and I had so much sex that day she said she was sore
and had multiple orgasms. We are always looking forward to making love. Best product I’ve ever tried!
Randy M., Northridge, CA
After 2 weeks of using EXCEL, my girlfriend asked me if something was wrong. I
asked why and she said, well your penis looks and feels bigger. I have traveled the
world and come across many products with such claims but never like this. I’m 62
years old and my girlfriend is 36.
Jesse, Monterey, CA
A friend of mine invited me to a house party at the founder of Matrix. I left with
some samples and tried Matador the next day. My wife and I are very active but this
took things to another level of satisfaction and performance. I’m 46 and never felt
better and more satisfied. We are believers of Matrix products.
Andrew S., Valencia, CA